Nash Mill Vineyards
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Nestled in the hills of the Anderson Valley appellation, Nash Mill Vineyards is producing some of Anderson Valley's highest quality grapes.

Location: The vineyard is located on a southern profile in the Eastern hills at the cool northern end of the Anderson Valley. Access to the vineyard is through Nash Mill Road. A simple aerial view of the vineyard is available at google maps. Our lat/lon coordinates are (39.129, -123.477). See map.

Climate: Anderson Valley is a cool climate (Winkler Region I) well adapted to growing Pinot Noir. Nash Mill Vineyards is located within a large cold air drainage which further moderates temperatures and slows grape ripening. Our typical harvest at Nash Mill is about 2 weeks later than many other vineyards in the Anderson Valley.

Vines: Four acres of Pinot Noir are planted on 3309 rootstock. Clones include Pommard 5 (~2 acres), Dijon 115 (~1 acre) and Dijon 667 (~1 acre). The vineyard is spur-pruned on cordon with a vertical shoot position trellis. The vines are planted on a five foot spacing with rows every 7 feet.

Accolades: Wines from the vineyard have been featured in the New York Times and the vineyard is recognized as one of the top 25 vineyards (out of 500) in the County by the Mendocino WineGrowers group. Grapes from each year's harvest are sold to a select group of wineries. More info...

Farming: The vineyard is farmed with an emphasis on balance. The use of irrigation and cover crops is tuned to devigorate the strong zones and build strength in the weaker areas. Since the property includes Mill Creek, a healthy salmon fishery, the Vineyard uses Fish Friendly practices and was certified in 2010. Chemical applications are a mix of organic and conventional products, all chosen for their low impact. Water conservation fits hand-in-hand with the goal of vineyard balance. We use tensiometers to track soil moisture and guide our irrigation approach.