Nash Mill Vineyards
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With exceptional winery partners, some of Anderson Valley's best wines have been crafted from Nash Mill fruit since the 2007 harvest. Reviews from the New York Times, Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast confirm the special nature of this vineyard. In 2016 the Mendocino Winegrowers group named Nash Mill one of the top 25 (out of 500+) vineyards in Mendocino County. The following is a recap of harvests and notable wines from the site.

2016- No more drought! Yeah! The year was warm without notable heat spikes and the vineyard was green and happy. We dropped fruit TWICE to bring a picture-perfect crop to a Sept. 13-17 harvest. "Great acid, great aromas; this is gonna be a great wine." noted one winemaker.

Releases pending from Drew Family Cellars, Waits-Mast, Husch Vineyards, Smith Story Wines, Maryetta Wines, and a yet to be named "secret" client.

2015- An early start to the growing season this third year of drought provided consistent warmth right up to the earliest harvest on record (Sept. 9, 11, and 19th). Yield 4.1 tons/acre

Notable releases from
• Waits-Mast (not released),
• Husch Vineyards (not released), and
• Smith Story Wines (website).

2014- Cold spring brought Barnes Syndrome to much of the Anderson Valley but a warm summer put the growing season back on track. Harvest Sept. 18, 19. Yield 2.8 tons/acre

Notable releases from
• Waits-Mast (purchase).
• Husch Vineyards (private list only) and
• Smith Story Wines

2013- Harvest Sept. 18, 19, and 27th. Yield 3.5 tons/acre

Notable releases from
• Husch Vineyards ("beautifully balanced and well made" - K&L Wine Merchants) - sold out, and
• Waits-Mast (93 points - Wine Enthusiast - "deceptively full-bodied, fascinating wine")

2012- Normal heat, no rain, no frost = happy farmer. Harvest Oct. 6 and 9. Yield 3.0 tons/acre.

Featured wine:
2012 Waits-Mast Nash Mill Pinot Noir (93 points - Wine Enthusiast - "a posh, luxurious beverage in which to indulge" along with 93 points - Price of Pinot - "serious goodness")

2011- Cold again, but instead of heat spikes in Sept. we got 5 inches of rain. Harvest Oct 15. Yield 3.3 tons/acre.

Featured wine:
Husch Vineyards Late Harvest Pinot Noir ("Weissherbst") - Borrowing a page from the German playbook, this wine sold out within 6 weeks of release. An EPIC late harvest wine for those who were lucky enough to score a bottle.

2010- A cold summer marred by a massive heat spike. Extra water keeps Nash Mill fruit sound. Harvest Oct. 14. Yield 2.3 tons/acre.

Featured wine:
Husch Vineyards - Vin Gris of Pinot Noir - Wine & Spirits "Top 100 Pink Wines for 2011". 91 points.

2009 - An 'easy' growing year. Can't they all be like this? Harvest Sept. 27 & 29. Yield 2.7 tons/acre.

Featured Wine:
Husch Vineyards - Nash Mill Vineyard Pinot Noir - Top 3 Anderson Valley wines - "pretty, spicy and floral" - New York Times (Eric Asimov)

2008 - The year plagued by frost, heat waves, and wildfire. Harvest: October 23. Yield 3.5 tons/acre.

Featured Wine:
Husch Vineyards - Nash Mill Vin Gris of Pinot Noir

2007- Our first harvest after training the vineyard to the trellis. Just a few tons were picked Sept. 27 & 29.

Featured Wine:
Husch Vineyards - Nash Mill Pinot Noir - "This is an incredibly rich, broad pinot noir in the mouth, without being over-the-top, showing an amazing balance and mid-range structure, excellent viscosity and mouthfeel, silky tannins that are well integrated, and a long, sweet core of heavenly pinot fruit." - K&L Wine Merchants